Day 220

Still ongoing...

Day 220

Still ongoing...

May 23, 2020


Amal supporters attack editor in chief of October 17 newspaper
  • Amal supporters attacked and chased Bachir Abou Zeid, Editor in Chief of the October 17 newspaper, Friday night, in a car convoy from his house in Kfarrornan. 
  • This was after a post he shared on Facebook saying: "Turn off the lights at Nabih Berri's house and light up people's houses." The post is in response to protests in Nabatieh and other regions about the constant power outages.

Government renews Sonatrach contract amindst protests against power cuts
  • Lebanon has witnessed ongoing protests against the frequent power outages, with demonstrators storming Beirut's Ministry of Energy and Water and the electricity company's branches across the country.
  • Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad announced Tuesday after the cabinet's session that the government will renew its contract with Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation until the end of the year, despite the company's involvement in the fraudulent fuel scandal.

Gradual lift of lockdown and increases in Covid-19 cases
  • Following a four-day shutdown, the country cautiously reopened on Monday. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 patients shot up to 1097 — 404 of whom are unrecovered. 
  • Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced on Friday the possibility of returning to a state of full lockdown if hospitals reach full capacity. The government also extended general mobilization until June 7, without stating when the airport would reopen.

Ramco responds to what happened with its workers
  • Ramco, the waste management company, announced that it had met with its workers to discuss their demands and to compensate for the impact of the deteriorating exchange rate on their wages. 
  • This follows protests by Ramco's migrant workers and the spread of information and video clips accusing the company's management of torture and abuse.

Two attacks on hospitals and medical staff
  • Two soldiers attacked doctor Luay Shalabi Tuesday inside Tripoli's Dar Al Shifa Hospital after Shalabi refused their interrogation of a wounded patient in need of treatment. 
  • On Wednesday, a group of people attacked medical staff at Nabatieh Najdeh Hospital because they were prevented from entering the hospital unless they took the necessary COVID-19 measures.

Diab's government after two days
  • Prime Minister Hassan Diab delivered a speech Thursday on the occasion of the 100-day deadline that the government had given itself to accomplish its rescue plan and promised reforms. 
  • Diab noted that the government had accomplished 97% of the plans set for the first hundred days, ignoring the country's collapse.

ABL announces its plan
  • The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced its alternative economic plan on Wednesday. 
  • The plan is rooted in the notion that the banking sector, with its 3 million depositors, is faring well and the state merely has to pay its internal debts to banks. 
  • ecause of the state's lack of liquidity, ABL added that the state should use its assets to pay off the debt.

Central bank will intervene to control the exchange rate
  • Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh announced in a statement on Thursday his willingness to intervene in the market. 
  • He noted that, as of May 27, he will control the exchange rate and provide dollars to secure the import of basic foodstuffs.

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