Day 156

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Day 156

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March 20, 2020

Nasrallah and Bassil disavow Fakhoury

  • Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah had not interfered in the Release and exoneration of agent Amer Fakhoury. Nasrallah asked "friends and allies" to not betray nor insult the resistance, saying "whoever disrespects us should leave our alliance and brotherhood." The Free Patriotic Movement had affirmed that neither they nor Gebran Bassil had anything to do with Fakhoury, and that "the traitorous language [...] wasn't confined to one team but rather both, and that some sides defending the resistance offend it more than opponents."

Head of military court resigns over Fakhoury case

  • General Hussein Abdullah resigned as head of the military court, "in which the application of the law equates the escape of an agent to the pain of a captive and the condemnation of a judge." Meanwhile, freed prisoners Suha Bechara and Nabih Awada, also filed a lawsuit against all those in the military court, security court, and politicians which investigations will reveal have conspired to drop the people's case against Amer Fakhoury.

14 new cases of coronavirus, banks polish their image

  • The Information Ministry announced that the total number of recoveries in Lebanon is 8 and that 14 new infections were registered. The total number of COVID-19 cases is 163. The Prime Minister announced that the Association of Banks in Lebanon decided to donate $6 million for governmental hospitals to purchase 110 artificial respiratory equipment.

Municipalities target refugees

  • The Saksakia municipality asked residents to report about every new Syrian refugee who enters she town, ""no matter the reasons (...) in order to preserve health and safety." Meanwhile the Sarafand municipality also singled out Syrian refugees in its preventive measures, imposing a quarantine by "blocking the entrances to camps for displaced Syrians within the town, keeping them inside their residences, and asking them not to receive other refugees."

Wazni denies statement about transferring deposits to banks

  • Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni denied specific statements reported on his behalf in the Financial Times about depositors' money. The newspaper had published an interview in which he said the government was examining options for undertaking financial restructuring operations, one of which involved converting part of some deposits into bank shares. In his response, Wazni considered that "his policies aim to preserve funds as a sacred right for their owners."

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