Day 154

Still ongoing...

Day 154

Still ongoing...

March 18, 2020

COVID-19: 133 cases and a fourth death

  • The Health Ministry announced 13 new confirmed cases infected by the novel coronavirus COVID-19, raising the total to 133. The ministry also announced the death of a fourth patient Tuesday night. On Wednesday, a fifth woman passed away in the emergency room at Rafik Hariri Government Hospital due to a severe lung infection.
  • Doctors have yet to rule if the infection was caused by the virus.

Suspect in Ziad Itani case released on bail

  • Elie Ghabash, a malicious hacker accused of being an accomplice in framing artist Ziad Itani as a traitor in 2017, was released by court order on a bail of three million Lebanese pounds. Ghabash awaits trial for two cases: one pertaining Itani and another similar case of framing a retired army official.

Military court summons activist Georges Azzi

  • Activist Georges Azzi was summoned to the military court on Thursday. His session was then postponed to a date after March 29th, due to the current precautions being taken to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Azzi was not told what charges have been leveled against him.

Protest in front of Halba hospital

  • Protesters from the Halba revolution tent gathered outside the Halba Governmental Hospital to denounce the lack of available medical resources in the facility to mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak. Protesters believed that the hospital was already a victim of state negligence and corruption, and demanded the government take quick and decisive action.

Bus drivers protest in Tripoli

  • Bus drivers held a protest in Tripoli, blocking a main road for a short period of time, demanding the Interior Minister take action against "illegally operating cabs and buses." The Vice President of the Road Transport Association threatened escalation if the government did not move to.

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