Day 206

Still ongoing...

Day 206

Still ongoing...

May 9, 2020


General mobilization protocol extended, Brevet exams canceled
  • The government announced extension of the General mobilization until May 24, stressing that there will be a crackdown on violators. This is in preparation for ending the lockdown through the government's five-stage plan. Education Minister Tarek Al Majzoub announced that schools and universities will reopen at the end of this month, adding that the official Brevet exams will be canceled.

Repatriated Lebanese increase number of COVID-19 cases
  • 69 new cases were registered this week, most of which are from repatriated Lebanese citizens. Videos and posts had spread that documented that Middle East Airlines were not following safety measures to ensure safe distance between passengers, despite having increased the ticket price because of the alleged small number of passengers.

Judicial decree to protect detainees
  • Investigative Judge in the North Danny Al-Zeeni issued a judicial decree that regards COVID-19 as a "force majeure". This enables judges to personally assess the situation in order to release detainees even with incomplete legal deadlines.

Torture at the hand of Intelligence Services
  • After last week's protests, the lawyers' committee defending protesters announced in a statement last Sunday that more than 33 people had been arrested in Tripoli, Saida, Zahle and Metn; and exposed that the intelligence services tortured some of the detainees. Protests were held in front of the Judicial Palace in Saida and Beirut on May 7 to denounce these violations.

Two arrested for the case of Fransabank
  • Activists Mahmoud Mroueh and Waddah Ghanawi were arrested in Saida on May 5 for allegedly throwing a bomb at Fransabank branch in Saida on April 25. Protesters gathered in front of Fransabank branches in several areas demanding their release.

A "national meeting" to discuss the country's economic plan
  • Following an invitation from the president on May 6, ahe heads of parliamentary blocs met in Baabda Palace to discuss the government's economic plan. Remarkably, Walid Jumblatt, Saad Hariri and Sleiman Frangieh were absent.

Military Intelligence Unit summons a journalist
  • The Military Intelligence Unite in Rashaya called in journalist Ayman Sharrouf on Thursday for investigation, without providing any information as to why. Sharrouf refused to attend, citing that the grounds for summoning him were illegal. The Alternative Press Syndicate also issued a statement denouncing the "growing role of the Military Intelligence" in relation to freedom of opinion and expression.

Arrest warrants in the counterfeit fuel case
  • 2 arrest warrants were issued against the director general of oil at the Ministry of Energy Aurore Feghaly and the laboratory manager Khadija Noureddine. Previous Energy ministers Nada Boustany and Mohammad Fneish were called in for a hearing session as well as the director general of the Electricity of Lebanon company.