We the Lebanese


WE, the People of Lebanon, having endured hardship and humiliation from a divided, unjust, and dysfunctional system, have united to reconcile and overcome our sad past, eliminate deficiencies and abuses, strengthen our state, and renovate our nation. In so doing, we strive towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all. WE hereby demand the following inherent rights be asserted immediately, serving as legally binding reaffirmations or amendments to all those provided by our Constitution:

  1. Reasserting the People’s Power through Timely, Direct, Democratic Elections and Referenda

    WE, the Lebanese people including our Diaspora, reassert ourselves as the sole source and beneficiary of all power conferred to the Lebanese state. WE demand timely elections and the right for any citizen above the age of 18 to vote. WE demand a direct vote for the highest office in the land. Furthermore, WE demand to hold a national referendum, if 10% or more of our population demands it.

  2. Running for Public Office, Transparency, Accountability, and Extensions

    WE assert the right for any Lebanese citizen regardless of gender, race, disability, or religion to run unconditionally for any public office in any recognized Lebanese jurisdiction. WE demand the right to have qualified public representatives compete over positions of power; and that those WE democratically elect, including parliament, operate in full transparency with public voting records. Abuse of vested power and trust, will henceforth render such representation void. The extension of terms to any public office shall not be allowed without holding a referendum in the respective jurisdiction, to be passed by absolute majority.

  3. Freedom of Information, Accountability, Handling of Public Funds, and National Debt

    WE demand freedom of information from our government and full and timely accountability in the handling of our sovereign accounts. A government unable to provide a budget within the legal time frame is considered expired. Further acquisition of national debt shall be permitted only if the people approve it through referendum. WE assert the right to prosecute any public official for gross incompetence, corruption or the mishandling of public assets, removing any statute of limitations.

  4. Protection of Private Property, Privacy and Free Expression

    WE demand that our private and intellectual property be protected and not subjected to breach or misappropriation. Furthermore, WE demand that our privacy be respected physically and virtually; and reassert our right for free and unimpeded expression.

  5. People’s Right to Education, Social Services, Economic Opportunity, Fair Wages, and Just Taxation

    WE demand the right to comprehensive excellence in public education. WE demand to live in dignity and assert our right for adequate healthcare and social security that provide us peace of mind. WE demand fair wages and for dues to be paid in a timely manner. WE reassert our rights for social justice based on equitable economic opportunity all over the nation, regardless of race, gender, disability, or religion. Furthermore, WE demand just tariffing and taxation, commensurate to the people’s economic constraints.

  6. Uninterrupted Basic Services, Transportation, and Infrastructure Provided at a Reasonable Cost

    WE demand the right to receive basic services such as electricity, clean water, sewage treatment, trash collection, mail service, and telecommunications consistently, without interruption, and at reasonable cost. WE demand the right to have nationwide public transportation and infrastructure, reaching all corners of the country.

  7. People’s Right to Clean and Sanitized Environment, Public Parks, Beaches and Historic Monuments

    WE demand the right to live in a clean and sanitized environment all over Lebanon—be it in the air, on land, or in the sea—assuring us of a healthy sustenance. WE reassert our right to enjoy Lebanon’s public parks, beaches, and historic monuments. WE demand the state reclaim and conserve all our public heritage; and that no concession shall be given that takes away the People’s unfettered access.

  8. Equal Personal Status Treatment Regardless of Gender, Race or Religion

    WE reassert the right of equal treatment regardless of gender, race, disability, or religion; and WE demand that it be applied to all personal status issues including, but not be limited to, civil contracts and citizenship.

  9. Improper Seizure, Due Process, and Legal Review

    WE demand that any legal proceedings against any citizen be held in civilian courts and processed within a reasonable time frame. WE reassert that no person shall be held against their free will or have their property seized without due process. Furthermore, WE demand the right as individuals to appeal to the Constitutional Council when faced with a law that runs counter to our rights.

  10. Judicial Representation of People and Swift Implementation of Laws

    WE, the people, demand the right for direct representation within the judiciary through elected judges, juries, ombudsmen, and public trials. WE demand that our laws be executed by the state in a reasonable time frame; and WE retain the right as individuals or groups for legal action against any relevant authority found to be denying, improperly implementing, or breaking the law.

  11. To Live in Justice, Security, and Peace under State Protection

    WE demand to live in peace and security and that justice be served on all 10,452 sq. km of Lebanese territory, under the full protection of the Lebanese state. No foreign armies shall be allowed on Lebanese soil without the People’s express consent through referendum. WE, the Citizens, retain the right of self-defense in case our state legitimately fails to provide us such security.

  12. Collective Rights shall be of, by and for the People of Lebanon

    No law, belief, or common practice shall curtail, abridge, or infringe on our collective rights. Any and all powers not enumerated or provisioned to the state shall remain uniquely of, amendable only by, and enacted solely for the People of Lebanon.