Day 141

Still ongoing...

Day 141

Still ongoing...

March 5, 2020

Prosecutor freezes assets of 21 banks

  • Financial State Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim ordered an asset freeze on 21 banks and barred heads of banks and board members from accessing assets and properties. The decision follows investigations with the banks, which illustrated violations of monetary and credit laws. The Association of Banks in Lebanon has called for an emergency meeting in response.

On day 141, protesters express outrage

  • Protesters returned to the squares of Antelias, Sidon, Baalbeck, and Nabatieh and gathered outside the Central Bank in Hamra. They also blocked roads in Jiyyeh, Tripoli, Beirut, Sidon, Taalabaya, Naameh, Damour, and others to denounce worsening economic conditions and financial policies. In Jal el Dib, a protester broke the glass door of a bank after not being allowed to withdraw cash.

New coronavirus case, 16 in total to date

  • The Health Ministry announced that a Lebanese woman returning from the United Kingdom was infected with COVID-19. Health Minister Hamad Hassan advised citizens to limit travel and crowds. Meanwhile, the Sports and Youth Ministry announced that large sporting events will be postponed indefinitely.

Protesters kick Jreissati and Maalouf out of restaurant

  • Protesters kicked former Minister of Environment Fadi Jreissati and MP Eddie Maalouf from a restaurant in Gemmayze, chanting, "don't make us even hear your voice." Since the beginning of the revolution, protesters have continuously demonstrated against politicians' appearances in public spaces.

Eurobond decisions will be taken on Saturday

  • The cabinet convened at Baabda Palace on Thursday, announcing that they will decide this Saturday whether or not to pay the 1.2 billion USD Eurobond debt, which matures on March 9. The cabinet also approved the draft law on lifting banking secrecy.

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