Day 166

Still ongoing...

Day 166

Still ongoing...

March 30, 2020

"We Need Food, We Want to Survive"

  • Hay el Selloum decried the lack of state compensation on Sunday during the imposed lockdown, echoing protests in Tripoli over the weekend.

Banks Offer No Explanation for Remaining Closed

  • As the March 29 deadline set by the Association of Banks passed, banks took advantage of the current COVID-19 measures to justify their continued closure.

Ghayth Hammoud Freed

  • Ghayth Hammoud, the Halba revolutionary tent's spokesperson, was released today after being arrested Sunday by the intelligence unit. While protesting Akkar's MPs' exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic Saturday, Hammoud and his companions were met with gunfire. Authorities then violently arrested Hammoud on Sunday instead of the gunm who were supporters of MP Walid Baarini.

WhatsApp Minister Strikes Again

  • Former Telecom Minister and current Head of Lebanese Economic Authorities Mohammad Choucair launched a new initiative he claimed would financially support private sector workers during the lockdown. However, if implemented, Choucair initiative would dip into workers' own end-of service funds in the National Social Security Fund to provide them with a minimum wage salary for the month of April.
  • It would also exempt all private sector employers from paying their workers' full wages and allow them to use these workers' saved retirement funds to foot the bill.

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