Day 163

Still ongoing...

Day 163

Still ongoing...

March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Update

  • 23 new cases, 391 cases, 27 recoveries, 8 deaths
  • During his visit to the Rafic Hariri Government Hospital, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that he had signed off on the decree to release the rest of the salary scale He also promised that all workers will receive their new salaries by the end of the current month
  • The set curfew officially began this Friday evening at 7:00 PM, It is expected to continue till April 12. The press office to the Minister of Interior and Municipalities Mohamad Fahmy clarified that all institutions and grocery stores must close at 5:00pm in order to allow time for workers to sterilize and restock the shelves, which would then allow them to be back at their own homes by curfew.

The establishment takes advantage of the curfew to take revenge on the revolution

  • Authorities dismantle tents in Martyr's Square and Riad el-Solh. Riot police descended upon protesters who had set up ten in Downtown Beirut since the beginning of the revolution. Protesters were told that in line with the recently set curfew, they would have to evacuate. They were attacked and had their tents destroyed after refusing. Interior Minister Mohamad Fahmy had previously stated that peaceful protesters in the squares would not be harmed.

Bank of Lebanon reserves: only 4 billion in cash

  • Banque du Liban (BDL) only has $4bn in reserve foreign currency liquidity to work with. According to the Director General of the Ministry of Finance Alain Bifani, Lebanon's foreign currency holdings amount to $29bln, of which $22bln are liquid and $18 bln are used to secure banks' mandatory reserves.
  • Bifani presented [a] graph that showed the rapid depletion of the foreign currency holdings at the BDL during a Finance Ministry live presentation on Friday evening in which it briefed foreign Eurobond boulders on the government's plans and principles to restructure the debt.

Military Prosecutor Peter Germanos falls for corona hoax?

  • Military Prosecutor Peter Germanos posted [a] link on his Twitter account to an article published by the World Daily News Report, a fake-news domain, before deleting it an hour later. COVID-19, however, is an infectious respiratory disease primarily transmitted through coughing or sneezing General scientific consensus attributes its origin to a bat virus that may have been transmitted to a human via another animal at a food market in Wuhan, China.

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