Day 189

Still ongoing...

Day 189

Still ongoing...

April 22, 2020

Covid-19 Update

  • 5 new cases, 682 cases, 113 recoveries, 22 deaths
  • LEBANON RECORDS 5 NEW CASES. Five new COVID-19 infections were registered in Lebanon, after the number had decreased to zero on Tuesday. It's worth noting that two of the new infections appeared as a result of random tests that the Health Ministry has started conducting across different regions.


Shortening parliament's mandate

  • Parliament turned down the bill proposed by MP Nadim Gemayel, with only 18 MPs voting in its favor. The law would've called for early parliamentary elections which are also now off the table, despite them being the main demand of the October 17 uprisal.
  • Voting occurred by show of hands as Berri requested, in spite of Gemayel's objection to the method.

Illegal enrichment

  • Parliament referred the law for re-evaluation by parliamentary committees. It included adjustments to the Illegal Enrichment Law, namely redefining illegal enrichment as a crime independent of other crimes related to professional misconduct, facilitating the prosecution of criminals, and defining penalties.

Lifting ministerial immunity

  • Parliament referred the law for re-evaluation by parliamentary committees, to receive an answer in 20 days. The main remarks concerning the bill, proposed by MPs Hassan Fadlallah and Hani Kobeissi, referred to the need to have an independent judiciary where ministers could stand for trial, once their immunity got lifted.

Banning posters of political leaders in public spaces

  • Parliament turned down the bill to ban all photographs and drawings of political leaders and employees to be displayed in public spaces. MP Paula Yacoubian, who proposed the bill, said that it got voted on twice, failing the second round.

Lifting bank secrecy

  • Parliament referred the bill to the parliamentary committees for re-evaluation. The bill was proposed by MP Michel Daher.

Stopping the Bisri Dam project

  • The proposal for stopping work done on the Bisri Dam was rejected and referred to the committees for further investigation.
  • The bill proposed by MP Paula Yacoubian - got postponed despite ongoing demonstrations and campaigns against the construction of the dam, especially during the October 17 revolution, and despite the World Bank's approval to transfer funds intended for the dam towards social purposes.

General amnesty

  • The proposal of passing a general amnesty law was rejected and referred to the parliamentary committees, which will have 15 days to review it.

Allocating 1,200 billion LBP to the social safety net

  • This law was not voted on because quorum was lost. According to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, the bill would have funded the social safety net over the coming months and stimulated the industry sector and farmers.
  • However, it fell victim to quarrels between state and opposition parties. After Diab insisted on the need to hold an evening session to pass the law, Speaker Nabih Berri replied, "Nobody imposes anything on the parliament."

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