Day 130

Still ongoing...

Day 130

Still ongoing...

February 23, 2020

Union of Bakery Syndicates cancel strike

  • The Union of Bakery Syndicates had announced an open ended strike beginning on Monday, which has led to public outrage Sunday night. Protesters blocked the roads in the South, Akkar, Dahiyeh and the Ring Bridge in Beirut, and some protesters gathered outside several bakeries.
  • Later Sunday, the union announced it would no longer go ahead with the planned strike.

On day 131, protesters take to the banks

  • After the monthly cap at the Crédit Libanais was reduced to 50 dollars, protesters demonstrated at the bank's branches in several areas, including Antelias, Beirut, and Nabatieh to demand access to their deposits.
  • A video circulated on social media Monday showing a bank employee in the Antelias branch of the Credit Libanais verbally and physically assaulting a depositor who protested the bank's arbitrary policy.
  • Protesters later gathered at the bank's headquarters in Beirut to denounce the attack and the unlawful measures.

Charbel Khoury released

  • Activist Charbel Khoury was summoned to the Anti Cybercrime Bureau Monday morning after a complaint was filed by Free Patriotic Movement Economic Advisor Charbel Cordahi. On the other hand, summons for journalist Dima Sadek and activist Gino Raidy were postponed.
  • Judge Ghada Aoun issued an illegal arrest warrant for Khoury after his interrogation. Demonstrators gathered outside the Anti-Cybercrime Bureau to demand Khoury's immediate release while his lawyers appealed the arrest warrant at the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation. In Paris, a group of Lebanese expats staged a protest in front of the Lebanese embassy to denounce the increased crackdown on activists and journalists.
  • Khoury was released later Monday after Cordahi dropped his complaint.

Attack on An-Nahar reporter at Beirut airport

  • While covering the procedures at the Beirut Rafic-Hariri International Airport upon the arrival of a commercial plane from Iran, An-Nahar reporter Asrar Chebaro was attacked by an unknown person who claimed to be a Hezbollah partisan. The man forcibly took her phone and deleted a number of videos she had taken of the plane passengers.
  • This is the second plane to arrive in Lebanon from Iran after the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus was discovered on the first plane, which had arrived last week. The Minister of Public Health, Hassan Hamad, canceled his visit to the airport after announcing that the necessary precautions had been taken to examine arrivals to Lebanon.

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