We the Lebanese

Pledge to

  1. Unite together in solidarity for a better Lebanon
  2. Fight corruption and the embezzlement of public funds
  3. Hold the political class accountable for their transgressions
  4. Abolish political confessionalism and sectarianism
  5. Heal wounds from the past, learn from them and move forward
  6. Recognize that diversity is an asset
  7. Safeguard our freedom of speech and expression
  8. Elect leaders based on the right qualifications and expertise
  9. Refuse the politicization of our basic human rights
  10. Enable watchdogs, monitoring institutions and regulatory bodies
  11. Uphold the rule of law and demand an independent judiciary
  12. Encourage a healthy national debate to define concrete reforms
  13. Require local and sustainable economic reform
  14. Advocate for social justice

What will you pledge?

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Your Pledges

Amal (over 4 years ago) - Make our society aware that rights for Lebanese citizens is also awareness that the rights of the domestic workers. Human rights and justice cannot be selective.

Nadine (over 4 years ago) - Fight for equal rights for women and the LGBT community, as well as greater protections for children, refugees and migrant workers.

Anonymous (over 4 years ago) - All the above and all for one and be an example to the world of what unity is and what it can achieve. United as One People ✊🏼 United we stand divided we fall. May Allah protect you all. Now where do we donate? ✌🏼

Anonymous (over 4 years ago) - To love my country

Yasmina (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to remain a devoted Lebanese. Devoted to this revolution, to the points above, and to Lebanon.

Anonymous (over 4 years ago) - All the above

Karim (over 4 years ago) - All the above in the hope for a better Lebanon .

Myriam (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to always have hope in my country. To denounce corruption and injustice. To act as part of a community and not a sole individual. To always give the best I can & build a home we can come back to.

Nour (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to introduce myself as Lebanese above all! No more sectarianism, no more religious based political affiliations.

Jad (over 4 years ago) - All of the above 14 points.

Razane (over 4 years ago) - Support a free Lebanon

Antoine (over 4 years ago) - Use all available means at my reach to support a free Lebanon, anti sectarian for a better future with of free nation and great opportunities for its people and their aspirations.

Myriam (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to learn my History well enough to learn from the mistakes my ancients did and not redo them. I pledge to vote responsibly throughout all my life. I pledge to love Lebanon beyond everything.

Raya (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to give Lebanon my 100%, by self-educating, contributing in any way, shape or form that I can, and helping make an impact from afar.

Maya (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to stay invested in Lebanon, financially, intellectually and emotionally.

Leila (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to harness all the social capital I have to support in our collective efforts to establish a United Lebanon -

Marie-joe (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to love lebanese people regardless of their religion and never favor a person because of their religion. I pledge to be productive and serve my community through my work and take bigger responsibilities in the future in wizarat or baladiyyet when I can. I pledge to never hide thieves or contribute in illegal acts. I pledge to recycle and take responsability for my actions as a citizen and tell people about the importance of recycling. If I become involved in the political life, I pledge to not be greedy and selfish and i pledge to think of myself as a employee of the lebanese people and wear that as a badge of honor.

Anonymous (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to better it in any way I can, by standing for what’s right and pledge by the aforementioned articles.

Peter (over 4 years ago) - I pledge to return to my country with my head up high. I pledge to work and do my best in order to restore the image of Lebanon as the swiss of the middle east and as the greatest country in the world. I pledge to vote for the people that deserve the seats and not the people that pay for the seat. I pledge to help in any way possible to deal with corruption and embezzlement. I pledge to always carry the Lebanese flag in my heart wherever I go.

Sandy (over 4 years ago) - Do everything I can to return to it!

Souheil (over 4 years ago) - I, Souheil Habib, a Lebanese citizen currently living abroad for the past 4 years, pledge to one day do my best to serve my country with the expertise and resources I would have hopefully acquired in the upcoming years. I pledge to no longer follow any political party, to not be blinded by religious beliefs and biased assumptions, and to give my best in an attempt of making my country the giant I thoroughly believe it can be, in an honest, selfless, loving and passionate way.

Jad (over 4 years ago) - Fight corruption and the embezzlement of public funds

Sarah (over 4 years ago) - Elect experts non-political parties!

Anonymous (over 4 years ago) - Fight corruption and the embezzlement of public funds