We the Lebanese

Pledge to

  1. Unite together in solidarity for a better Lebanon
  2. Fight corruption and the embezzlement of public funds
  3. Hold the political class accountable for their transgressions
  4. Abolish political confessionalism and sectarianism
  5. Heal wounds from the past, learn from them and move forward
  6. Recognize that diversity is an asset
  7. Safeguard our freedom of speech and expression
  8. Elect leaders based on the right qualifications and expertise
  9. Refuse the politicization of our basic human rights
  10. Enable watchdogs, monitoring institutions and regulatory bodies
  11. Uphold the rule of law and demand an independent judiciary
  12. Encourage a healthy national debate to define concrete reforms
  13. Require local and sustainable economic reform
  14. Advocate for social justice

What will you pledge?

this information will be kept confidential

Your Pledges

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Imad (about 2 years ago) - Change the constitution, change the electoral law ,one man one vote ,no more 50/50 ,real democracy,no confessionalism

Anonymous (about 3 years ago) - There is a petition and we need more signature. Can you please help and send us ideas how to get more signatures

Anonymous (over 3 years ago) - This is the first time in my life I feel proud of the country of my forefathers. I made me actively research to learn more of my own history. This has brought me peace, and from what I've discovered so far, I am slowly, finally growing to love and respect this country. I had decided before to stay in Lebanon where my family is, but today I'm actually beginning to want to, and I pledge to make other people understand and love my culture, love those crazy toughened slightly cynical and fiercely protective cousins of mine.

Monica (over 3 years ago) - Am Lebanese above all and as a True Lebanese who adore my Country It is my duty to protect it demographically and restore the Beauty and Natural Features of each area in Lebanon, replace all ugly buildings and plant many NATIVE Trees. Palm trees were never native to Lebanon

Miluna (almost 4 years ago) - I pledge to love my country!

Anonymous (almost 4 years ago) - I pledge to return and work in my beloved country Lebanon.

Anonymous (almost 4 years ago) - I pledge to remember October 17th. I pledge to protect my constitutionally granted rights. I pledge to vote, contribute, work, and invest for a better Lebanon.

Patricia (almost 4 years ago) - I am trying to pass on information about the revolution in English to those in the country who don't know Arabic. I am supporting Regenerate Lebanon organized by Recycle Lebanon in whatever way I can. I am circulating Revolution posts from different WhatsApp groups to each other to help us all be informed. And I am spending time each day studying what I call Revolution Arabic, the specific vocabulary, sayings, and chants of the protest.

Mc (almost 4 years ago) - Keep demanding for a civic state so that all communities are protected as nationals. To request a better implementation of our laws and regulations to protect our environment. And to do what is in my power to help/assist wherever possible 🙂

Carla (almost 4 years ago) - I pledge to stay active until they give us all our basic human rights in Lebanon

Alexandra (almost 4 years ago) - I pledge to facilitate healings on myself and others to help the Lebanese community grow & expand & reach our highest potential. Together we can!