We the Lebanese

Pledge to

  1. Unite together in solidarity for a better Lebanon
  2. Fight corruption and the embezzlement of public funds
  3. Hold the political class accountable for their transgressions
  4. Abolish political confessionalism and sectarianism
  5. Heal wounds from the past, learn from them and move forward
  6. Recognize that diversity is an asset
  7. Safeguard our freedom of speech and expression
  8. Elect leaders based on the right qualifications and expertise
  9. Refuse the politicization of our basic human rights
  10. Enable watchdogs, monitoring institutions and regulatory bodies
  11. Uphold the rule of law and demand an independent judiciary
  12. Encourage a healthy national debate to define concrete reforms
  13. Require local and sustainable economic reform
  14. Advocate for social justice

What will you pledge?

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Your Pledges

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