by Fouad (over 4 years ago)

Living in Canada and feeling sad that I cannot support the revolution in person, I wrote some poems to motivate my fellow Lebanese citizens. 

Time Has Come

By Fouad EL-Khabbaz

Drums are beating,
Heroes are meeting.

White, green, and red,
Three colors widespread.

A wave of bodies,
Concordant like melodies.

Million and one spirit,
Asking for their merit.

A threatening finger
Won’t stop hunger.

Starvings are on the march,
The autocrats, they decided to parch.

Time has come
To take out the scum.

The land of cedars
Requires new leaders.


By Fouad El-Khabbaz

Do you hear their voices?
Is playing deaf one of your vices?

Howls are now crisper,
They resolved to prosper.

Composed of a single word,
A song that echoes all over the world:

Revolution… Lution… Lution
Revolution… Lution… Lution

A dance not for fun,
More powerful than a gun.

Felons are looking to hide,
Silent like someone who died.

No need to ask for absolution,
The nation started A revolution.


By Fouad El-Khabbaz

It is autumn.
Oranges are blooming
Extraordinary momentum!

Close to the citadel
They expel the infidel.

Doesn’t believe in our nation.
The verdict:
“Jail is his destination.”

Comrades, partners in crime,
Tried to escape the last dime.

Same clique.
One aim:

Abuse voters,
make them bleak.

Parties and sects,
Hateful defects.

Younger in the state,
Shape their own fate.

From Tyre to Tripoli,
Hand in Hand,
Cohesive family.

Brighter future!
Colorful picture!

 The story:
Our glory.

Growing fetus.
New status.

Yesterday Canaan,
Today stateless,
Tomorrow Lebanon!

We Are Not The Same

By Fouad El-Khabbaz

Teenagers clean streets.
Children make beats.

A gentleman offers sweets.
Mallets’ carriers are their elites.

Enraged composer,
Known abuser,
Swear at the reporter,
For not being a supporter.

Men in black,
Ride a stolen track.

Put the tents on fire.
With Satan they conspire.

Artists wave flags,
A mutant calls them fags.

They fake news,
No taboos.

We are not the same:
Virtue is our game.
They play with shame.


By Fouad El-Khabbaz

Believe in your country.
Be proud of your ancestry.

Never venerate a leader.
Cherish only the cedar.

Faith is something peculiar,
Not a subject of talk with the unfamiliar.

With your friends, don’t fight.
In politics, no one is right.

We know Lebanon as a mosaic,
Since the period called Archaic.

A Mob

By Fouad El-Khabbaz

Voices are everywhere,
Faces here and there.

I hear cries; I see grins,
Mortals with virtues and sins.

A blend of smells,
Bitter tones and pastels.

I catch some words,
Some believe in pens,
Others in swords.

A few are proud,
More keep their heads bowed.

A mob of sheep
Who trusts the wolf
While the sheepdog is asleep.